Physics of a Heartbeat

                                                                                                     Joel Carpenter
                                                                                                      Physics 104

                                                                                                    Behold the Heart
                                   The heart is something that has been written about for thosands of years. It is something of legend and lore and the very thing
                                   that we just a life by.  The very fact that a heart can beat on its own through electrical impulses is actually quite magical.  People
                                   dedicate their lives to the study of a heart to learn the intricacies of its motion. 
                                   The heart does not simply function by electricity though.  The heart has many feedback mechanisms such as hormones, blood pressure  
                                   and temperature that keeps the heart beating regularly through times of rest, exercise and times of fight or flight. 
                                   In this page, I will discuss the electrical aspects of the heart, how the electrical impulse propogates, how it then travels through the heart
                                   and how it terminates.
                                   Furthermore, I will disscuss two other main points.  These being, the fluidity and pressure of the blood moving through the heart,
                                   as well as how energy is conserved through the beating of the heart.


                                   This picture depicts the measurements of a heartbeat taken by and electrocardiogram (EKG)
                                   Showing the depolarization of the cells of the heart, the contraction, and the repolarization of
                                   of the cells.
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