For Physics 103
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

This is sushi in its native habitat. 

Those of you who have read the title and are wondering how I managed to fit this entire topic onto a few colorful web pages can now relax. I didn't. The title was a cheap attempt to make my instructor happy :)

However, I WAS able to compress many  important bits of info that you'll need to know before your next vacation. Assuming of course that you don't run into any animals. This wasn't written for a biology class.

I have focused on the general knowledge of physics that diving instructors and divemasters need to know for their exams. It's very cool stuff for anyone interested in diving to know as well!

This site does not go into detail about the different kinds of first and second stage regulators, and their design and function. It does cover basic knowledge of the diving environment and the differences a diver should know between aquatic and terrestrial habitats. (nice words, eh?)

ENJOY! (Diving is supposed to be fun!)

Yes, lost snow machines  CAN be found.

The Physics of SCUBA Diving | Pressure | Buoyancy | Light and Heat | Sound | Bibliography and Related Links


Akiyo Kikuchi
Wally Drumhiller