Silicone Scientists

Tim Miner

Physics 103

25 Nov 2003

Silicone semiconductors make up many of the components that the computer world is built from. Diodes and transistors, memory and integrated circuits. All of them use the amazing properties of the element silicone. Many of the tools and toys we use every day uses the properties and principles discovered by scientists from the past. As with all fields of human learning the inventions of today are hinged upon the knowledge from the past. The fore fathers of the computer generation have all but faded into the background for what is today a multi-billon dollar industry. Their contributions have advanced the world's technology leaps and bounds but still their names are forgotten. Of the many inventors and scientists that played a role in the development of silicone as a semiconductor, here are four men contributed discoveries that changes the course of the computer revolution.

Greenleaf W. Pickard 
Gordon K Teal

Russell Ohl,

Jack Kilby

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