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The project will be in the form of a web page on a topic in physics that you find interesting and we agree on together. These topics could include biographies of important scientists, scientific projects and scientific ideas. They will be graded both for presentation and content. More details will be discussed in class. Below are some of the requirements and ideas to help you with the project.


Make sure you have multiple references that you have used (at least 5) and they are included in the bibliography.

At least one of your references must be for a source other then the web (ie a book or journal).

All figures taken from outside sources (the web or books or journals) must have a citation included with the picture!

Think about the readability of the pages.

Length should be 4-10 "web pages" (plus title page and bibliography)...though this is not a hard and fast rule.

Content and presentation will be graded.

Some of your classmates have knowledge on how set up/ format your pages, they might agree to help you if asked nicely :)

Note: You should have all the materials together before you ask them for assistance.

Some things to keep in mind



Content presentation

Collecting content

When you have finished - Getting your project to me (NEW). Follow the instructions here


Web sites of interest (web site building info)

CERN (the inventors of the Web) Web Style Guide

NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTML

W3C's style guide for online hypertext



Web weaving programs

Claris Home Page (not being produced any longer but still good)

Netscape Composer (part of the Netscape navigator suite)

Seamonkey Composer (part of the Seamonkey suite, an excellent, free browser suite)

A web site with good Seamonkey instructions (including how to embed video):


Macromedia's Dreamweaver (you can download demo copies from the university servers, also, the university has a key server licence)
Note...I've been told that the key server does not work for students...I'm not sure,

Adobe Pagemill

MS Frontpage (be careful with compatibility)

Graphic conversion programs

GraphicConverter (Mac)

Irfanview (Windows)

ImageMagick (Linux/Mac/windows)

Template(Save each page as source)


The stuffed and binhexed version (for mac users)

A self-extracting archive for windows machines (I hope)

Here is a zipped version for windows users (maybe this will work)


Other web templates

Open Source Web Templates