Poster Presentations

Stefanie Bourne, Uma Bhatt, Jing Zhang, & Richard Thoman Surface-based temperature inversions in Alaska from a climate perspective
Igor Polyakov, Vladimir A. Alexeev, Uma Bhatt, Evgenia I. Polyakova, & Xiangdong Zhang North Atlantic warming: patterns of long--term trend and multidecadal variability
Peter Bieniek, Uma Bhatt, Larry A. Rundquist, Scott D. Lindsey, Xiangdong Zhang, & Richard L. Thoman Large-Scale Cloimate Controls of Interior Alaska River Ice Breakup
Ryan Woodard, D.E. Newman, R. Sanchez, & B.A. Carreras Distinguishing Characteristics of SOC-Like Systems
David Newman, R. Sanchez, D. Samaddar, B.A. Carreras, & J.N. Leboeuf Understanding the impact of sheared flows on transport dynamics
Renate Wackerbauer Master stability analysis in transient spatiotemporal chaos
Daniel Curns Ecological Systems of Communities: Qualitative Analysis of Yupik community readiness Interviews
Debasmita Samaddar, D.E. Newman, & J. Broussard The Effect of Noise as a Decorrelation Surrogate in Reaction-Diffusion Equation like Transport Models
Debasmita Samaddar, D.E. Newman, & R. Sanchez The para-real algorithm applied to a simple drift wave turbulence model for transport timescale studies
Jean Talbot, U. Bhatt, D.E. Newman, R. Wackerbauer, X. Zhang, R. Sanchez, & I. Polyakov Effect of Coarse Graining on the Dynamics of Arctic Climate Time Series
Uma Bhatt, D.E. Newman, I. Polyakov, R. Wackerbauer, & R. Sanchez Dynamical Systems approach to characterize climate for comparing models to observations
J.A. Mier, L. Garcia, R. Sanchez, & D.E. Newman Non-diffusive features of near-critical DTEM-turbulence in the presence of a subdominant diffusive transport channel
David E. Newman, R. Sanchez, & D. Samaddar The physics behind subdiffusive transport across an externally imposed sheared flow in drift-wave turbulence
Davide E. Newman, B.A. Carreras, Ian Dobson, & Matthew Zeidenberg Understanding the impact of human Decision Making on Engineered Infrastructure Systems
Marc Mueller-Stoffels & Renate Wackerbauer Stable states of an Ice-Ocean System using a  Coupled Cell Model
Uma Bhatt, Donald A. Walker, Martha K. Raynolds, Howard E. Epstein, Gensuo Jia, Josefino C. Comiso, Jorge E. Pinzon, & Compton J. Tucker Seasonality of the atmosphere-ocean-ice-terrestrial environment of Arctic tundra