Strange Phenomena

Lightning Balls

Rare Photo of Ball Lightning.

Due to the inability for scientists to reproduce ball lightning, the plausibility of such a thing to exist is often looked upon skeptically. Few photos have captured such an occurrence, so eyewitness accounts is the only thing one can go by for proof of its existence.

If ball lightning does TRULY exist, it is theorized to be influenced by electric fields, which causes the ball to bounce around when it comes in contact with objects. Usually it is white to yellowish in color and not very bright. It can last up to 50 seconds long, although the average is said to be about 15 seconds.

St. Elmo's Fire

St. Elmo's Fire is said to be a form of a lightning ball and usually has a plasma discharge if the conditions are right. The few who have seen it have all given different descriptions of what this lightning ball looks like. There is also one individual who claims to have actually replicated St. Elmo's fire. Any other proof of its existence, though, is hypothetical.