A Simple Law of Physics
Archimedes Principle

Building a Self Bailing Boat
Daniel Kirschner
University of Alaska Fairbanks
April 16, 2003

    A couple years ago I decided to construct an aluminum flat bottom skiff in such a way that I will not have to bail it out after a rainy day.  Living in Southeast Alaska this seems a reasonable idea.  The design is one quite popular in the area.  Check out my site to learn about how my boat works and how it relates to Archimedes Principle.

Click here for the Principle behind a Self Bailing Boat

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Click here for boat building using Archimedes Principle

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Click here to check out a large pic of my hometown! Wrangell, Alaska

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I took this picture from the air somewhere between Wrangell and Petersburg Alaska. Pieces of ice from a nearby glacier can be seen near the land in this pic.