1879 - Born March 14 in Ulm, Germany to Hermann and Pauline Einstein. Hermann worked as a featherbed salesman.

1889 - Although enrolled at an academic school, Albert does most of his studies at home pursuing science, mathematics, and philosophy.

1894 - The Einsteins move from Munich to Pavia, Italy.

1896 - Enrolls at Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH), a Federal Polytechnic in Zurich.

1898 - Falls in love with Mileva Maric, a fellow classmate at ETH.

1900 - Graduates from ETH.

1902 - Mileva gives birth to Alberts daughter Lieserl who is put up for adoption. Lieserl becomes ill and all records of her disappear. Hermann Einstein falls ill and dies.

1903 - Albert and Mileva marry.

1904 - Mileva gives birth to son Hans Albert.

1905 - Annus Mirabilis

1907 - Albert starts applying gravity to his Special Theory of Relativity.

1910 - Son Eduord is born.

1911 - The Einsteins move from Bern to Prague. Albert is given a position as professor at the German University.

1912: The Einsteins move to Zurich and Albert is given a position as a professor of Theoretical Physics at the ETH.

1914: Einstein becomes director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, also professor at the University of Berlin. Divorce proceedings between Mileva and Einstein begin. World War I begins.

1915: Einstein completes the General Theory of Relativity.

1919: Albert marries cousin, Elsa. On May 29, a solar eclipse proves Einstein's General Theory of Relativity works.

1922: Albert receives the Nobel Prize Award in physics for 1921.

1933: Albert and Elsa sail to the U.S. where they settle in Princeton, New Jersey. Albert takes a job at the Institute for Advanced Study.

1936: Elsa falls ill and dies.

1939: World War II begins. Einstein writes letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt urging nuclear research. He believes Germany is already trying to build an atomic bomb.

1940: Becomes an American Citizen.

1949: Mileva dies.

1955: April 18th, Einstein dies in his sleep in Princeton, New Jersey.