Honest, Blunt, and Shy?

So it is in Mr. Bucky's opinion that Albert Einstein was an honest and blunt and shy person. Blunt and shy is a pretty tricky combination. If you look at some of the excerpts from Einstein's essays, it's hard to believe he was shy for publishing those papers. Add the fact that he spoke out on his views for communism, well, it's hard to believe that this man is shy. However, according to Peter, Albert

"...never tried to show you how clever he was. An innate shyness that made him shun publicity also made him so self-effacing that he could not bear to cause added work or trouble for anyone else. But despite this shyness and modesty, Einstein was always frank. If he had an opinion, he would not hesitate to let people know it. It was not that he was tactless; it was that he didn't believe in hiding his feelings."

Loyalty was another word to attribute to Einstein.

"... Shortly before the conference was to take place, Einstein learned that [Dr.] Lichtwitz had not invited my father, to whom he owed his position. As soon as he learned of this, Einstein wrote the following letter:

Dear Professor Lichtwitz:

Accidentally, I was informed today that Doctor Bucky has not been invited to the occasion this coming Thursday. I must assume that this action is a very serious slight against my dearest living friend who, on account of his extraordinary achievements in the field of medicine and who had an unending friendship towards no matter what the price, is much more entitled to receive an invitation than myself. I am so hurt by this action that it is completely impossible for me to attend the meeting this coming Thursday..."