The Comedian

It seemed that Albert Einstein loved to laugh, and laughed very easily. He was always making clever jokes. One of the things he like to laugh at was an Emily Post book of etiquette. It seems he would read and laugh as if it were one of the modern day comedy books by Dave Barry.

Some of the jokes contained in Mr. Bucky's reminescences:

Once when the Einsteins visited the Buckys in New York, Mrs. Bucky offered Albert a cup of coffee which he accepted although he wasn't supposed to have it for medical reasons. On the next visit when the coffee was offered again, Einstein politely declined, claiming that it was bad for his health. When Mrs. Bucky asked why he had drank it the last time, he replied, "Yes, Mrs. Bucky, I know. But, unfortunately, the devil keeps books."

And Einstein was a little bit of a prankster too.

"Once when out sailing with him, and while we were engaged in an interesting conversation, I suddenly cried out, 'Achtung!' For we were almost upon another boat. He veered away with excellent control and when I remarked what a close call we had had, he started to laugh and sailed directly toward one boat after another, much to my horror; but he always veered off in time and then laughed like a naughty boy."