The Physics of Fish Hearing

Intro: The ocean takes up ___% of the surface of earth, yet we know more about the stars in the sky above then what lies next to us in the deep blue water of our home. Our long ago ancestors came from the oceans, and then evolved to live on land. There is speculation that lateral lines in fish helped the first land walkers develop the sense of hearing as we know it today.


1. Home (here) Intro, Fish have senses too! What is sound?
2. How Sound Travels in Water Sound Propagation Through Water, Huygen's Principal, the ocean is not uniform
3. Why Do Fish Hear? Predator Sounds, Predators use sound to communicate, marine mammal feeding using echolocation
4. How Fish Hear Lateral Lines,
5. Human Applications of Underwater Sound Sonar, Seafloor Mapping( echo Sounder)
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How Fish Hear:

Fluid Mechanics of how fish hear
Human Applications of Underwater Sound:

Sound Underwater has vairous applicationis in the human world. For military, business and science SONAR has been a very useful technology. SONAR uses sound propagation through water to determine the size and shapes of objects. This is a manmade form of echolocation. The effect is dependant on the speed of sound through water:
 4388 + (11.25 × temperature (in °F)) + (0.0182 × depth (in feet)) + salinity (in parts-per-thousand )
Stuff about marine applicatipno. Seafloor mapping uses a similar process as sonar just over a square feild.
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