Line and Lure


The line and lure are both tension devices that pull against the fish while it swims and fights against the fisherman in the water. The line is the direct connection between the fisherman, the fly rod, the reel, the lure, and the attached fish. Normally, the line is tied in three different phases with three different sizes of line, tapering to the leader line, which is tied to the fly. Most of the energy that is stored in this system is potential energy. The potential energy switches to kinetic energy when the fly and line is cast and sailing through the air.

As you fly fish, you are not necessarily casting the lure. The lure in this system is normally thought to be weightless or very near to weightless. So, as you cast, you are essentially casting the weight of this flexible line through the air. This explains why most fly fisherman use a hammering arm motion. Below is a YouTube video about the wavelike nature that is produced from the casting of line.