Welcome to the Complex Dynamical Systems Group

Understanding complex systems is a fascinating challenge. Complex systems are characterized by non-trivial interaction between parts such that the entire system behaves different than just the sum of its parts. Examples include coupled neurons in the brain, ice-ocean-atmosphere coupling in the climate system, and interacting particles in solid, liquid or soft matter. Already the coupling of only two pendula yields collective behavior that cannot be understood from just the physics of one pendulum. Complex systems can be sensitive to small perturbations (chaotic) and reveal quite counterintuitive behavior ranging from stabilization by random events to unpredictable collapse of system behavior. Our research group focuses on computational and theoretical studies at the interface of Nonlinear Dynamics, Physics, Biology and Arctic Sciences.

Research interests

We are part of the Turbulence and Complex Systems Group at the UAF Physics department and a member of the UAF Center for Complex System Studies (Director: Dr. David Newman). If you are interested in Complex Systems and in coming to UAF please also check out Dr. Newman's webpage. We also use computational resources at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center.