2001 US - European Transport Task Force Meeting

A bull moose enjoiyng lunch north of Fairbanks

Winter sunset over the Alaska Range viewed from the University


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Natural Science Facility
picture taken by J. Hagen

TTF 2001
The 8th Joint US-European TTF workshop and 14th Annual US TTF meeting will be held in Fairbanks Alaska from May 16th through the 19th. The meeting will be held on the campus of the University of Alaska - Fairbanks in The Natural Sciences Facility. Maps to the Natural Science Facility are shown here.

Important Deadlines
Nominations March 1
Abstracts March 1
Meeting registration March 1
Hotel reservations April 1


Invited Talk Nominations
Nominations for invited talks should be submitted on line to Ed Synakowski by March 1. The online form is available here. For the nomination form you can submit by fax or mail click here.


Registration and Abstracts for Contributed and Invited presentations
Preregistration and abstract submission can be done on line or via fax or email. The online preregistration form is here. The form for fax or mail registration is located here.

TTF page on Experimental Diagnostics

The page linked here is the TTF page on Experimental diagnostics. It presently has some comments from the transport working group of the Snowmass meeting. After this years May TTF meeting that will be replaced or supplemented by new comments hopefully based on a consensus at this meeting.

TTF Chairman
Ed Synakowski
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
P. O. Box 451
Princeton, NJ 08543
Phone: (609) 243-2748
Fax: (609) 243-3233

Satellite Meetings
1) Preceding the TTF meeting there will be a meeting on Edge, SOL, and Divertor Plasma Turbulence and Transport on the14th of May -15th of May, 2001 in Fairbanks, Alaska. If you have any question regarding this meeting please contact Sergei Krasheninnikov at skrash@mae.ucsd.edu or (858)-822-3476.

2) Immediately after the TTF meeting there will be a Complex Systems Dynamics Meeting on the 21st of May -23rd of May also in Fairbanks organized by David Newman at (907)474-7858.

External Speakers
For the first presentation of the plenary session, Prof. Davis Sentman will discuss transport issues involving Sprites and Jets, the amazing and mysterious upper atmosphere plasma discharges.

An evening talk (with pictures) by Prof. Syun-Ichi Akasofu on The Aurora and Auroral dynamics is planned. Prof. Akasofu is the Current Director of IARC and the former Director of the Geophysical Institute.

Weather and Light
In mid to late May the average high temperatures in Fairbanks are in the 60's F (15-20 C) and the average lows are in the 40's F (5-10 C). Also at that time of year the sun is above the horizion much of the time in Fairbanks, with sunset after 10PM and sunrise before 3:30AM


The Alaska Range in the summer as seen from Fairbanks
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Denali Looming viewed from Fairbanks


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