Consumer Satisfaction for People who live in Alaska

Some companies have great customer service and we take it for granted. When people are busy, it is a hassle to constantly call companies back to have a bill rectified and I feel that they count on you to give up so you do not have to be paid back. Since I am relatively busy, I am very resentful of poor customer service and feel that starting a web page with my personal experiences is one way to get companies to notice that this is something that needs to be fixed if they expect to have my business and that of my friends.

Businesses are very good at taking your money, but when proper services are not delivered then they are pretty bad at giving you the money back.

Poor Consumer Service Testimonials

It may be that in all of these cases, the fact that we live in Alaska complicated their order and they did not respond to our concerns. I do not recommend you buy anything from either of these companies if you live in Alaska or elsewhere for that matter!

Indian Blockbuster: I ordered several DVDs of Bollywood movies in June 2001. One of the 5 DVDs that I ordered was not available so it was not sent and my money was never refunded. I wrote to them several times reminding them of this discrepancy, the last being in August 2002 and still nothing has happened. I wrote to them again in September 2003 and September 2004 and have heard nothing back.

Compleat Sculptor: : February 2005. Being concerned about earthquakes, I ordered $25 worth of museum putty and was told that special shipping to Alaska would be more and that I would be notified of the costs of this shipping before the goods were sent. This is a standard practice and I was comfortable with this, since I could cancel my order if the shipping was outrageous (as it can be). I was not notified, the goods arrived, and several weeks later when I looked at my credit card bill saw that I was charged $55. See I was so busy that I did not notice that the receipt in the box of goods said $55 with no breakdown of costs. I sent them and email message asking for an explanation and I was immediately sent an email that said I would hear back soon and that they would look into it. I thought this was a really good sign. Well I have not heard anything back and that was over 1.5 months ago. The cost of $30 for shipping a fairly small light box to Alaska is absurd. I do not recommend that you order anything from this company.

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