Family and Friends

Family Album

Bhatt-Newman Family
Newman Family
Our Adorable Nieces & Nephew: Tessa and Leah & Ari José
Newman-Samuels Gang
Sally & Ted
Moses Family
Kauai December 1999
X-mas 2003
Tofino August 2004
Hawaii Dec 2004
David visits Tante Libby and sees Lita and Dan
Tante Libby et al. come to Fairbanks (8/2005)
Bhatt Family
Geeta & Veda
New Years 2000
Excursion 2000
Veda and Jeff's Wedding 8/31/2002

Friend's Album

Friends (Pittsburgh)
Friends (Kenya)
Friends (Madison)
Friends (Tennessee)
Friends (Maryland)
Friends (Alaska)
Special Events
Vincent & Cecile's Farewell Party, July 2001
Adrienne's Farewell, August 2001
Petra's Birthday, 2001
Petra & John Farewell, 2002
Waka's Birthday, May_2002
Varela-Sanchez Wedding July 2003
Ryan's Graduation Party (8/2004)

Web Links
Scott Samuels
Anne Stallsmith
Andrew Ware
Herbi Dreiner
Janet Morrison
Raul Sanchez

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