Alaskan Scenes


Midnight Sun through smoke haze (July 2000)


Ice Sculptures (March 1999)

Denali Looming

Farthest north spruce tree on Dalton Highway

Yukon Quest (February 1999)

The mighty Yukon River

Sunrise in Fairbanks (December 2000)

Georgeson Botanical Garden (9 September 2001)

Mt Deborah and Mt Hess from Fairbanks (November 1999)

Green Flash as sun sets east of Mt Mckinley (Winter 2001-02)

Late April Snowstorm (April 2002) making wettest April on record.

Winter view of Mt Deborah, Mt Hess, & Fairbanks (December 2000)

Sun beams seen in falling ice crystals (December 2000)

Ice Fog & hot plumes breaking through boundary layer, Fairbanks (Dec 2000)

Typical Winter Afternoon in Fairbanks (December 2000)

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