Atmospheric Sciences - ATM – Spring 201

ATM F101X       Weather and Climate of Alaska                              4.0 CR

Prerequisites: Placement in ENGL F111X or higher; placement in DEVM F105 or higher; or permission of instructor.

Meets: UAF Core Natural Sci Breadth, Natural science degree requirement with lab.

37044  F01          TR     02:00P-03:30P                    REIC             204   Collins, R                     T                06:30P-09:30P                               REIC          245            Collins, R



ATM F488                   Undergraduate Research    1.0-3.0 CR

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

Recommended: A substantial level of technical/scientific background.

33920  F01       TBA     TBA                TBA    TBA                        Mölders, C



ATM F606                   Atmospheric Chemistry      3.0 CR

Prerequisites/co-requisites: ATM F601 or permission of instructor.

Cross-Listed with: CHEM F406: CHEM F606

Stacked with: CHEM F406: CHEM F606

35857  F01          TR     09:45A-11:15A                   REIC             165   Simpson, W



ATM F620          Climate Journal Club Seminar                               1.0 CR

Prerequisites: Graduate standing or permission of instructor.

Graded Pass/Fail

33922  F01            F     03:30P-04:30P                    AKA             319   Bhatt, U



ATM F662          Numerical Modeling and Parameterization Methods 3.0 CR

Prerequisites: Graduate standing; calculus, physics or related F400-level basic computer skills.

Recommended: ATM F601; basic knowledge in Fortran and UNIX/LINUX.

35859  F01          TR     11:30A-01:00P          ELV   AUD (214)    Mölders, C



ATM F688          Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar                   1.0 CR

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in physical sciences or permission of instructor.

Graded Pass/Fail

33925  F01           W     01:30P-03:00P                    AKA             401   Mölders, C



ATM F693          Atmospheric Remote Sensing                                  3.0 CR

38130  F01          TR     02:00P-03:30P                    AKA             407   Sassen, K



ATM F693          Analysis Methods for Meteoro. & Climate              3.0 CR

37045  F02      MWF     10:00A-11:00A                   AKA             407   Bhatt, U



ATM F698          Research                                                         1.0-12.0 CR

Graded Pass/Fail

33927  F01       TBA     TBA                TBA    TBA                       Sassen, K

33928  F02       TBA     TBA                TBA    TBA                       Mölders, C

33929  F02       TBA     TBA                TBA    TBA                        Bhatt,

33930  F04       TBA     TBA                TBA    TBA                        Fochesatto,

33931  F05       TBA     TBA                TBA    TBA                        Collins, R



ATM F699          Thesis                                                             1.0-12.0 CR

Graded Pass/Fail

33932  F01       TBA     TBA                TBA    TBA                        Mölders, C