Physics Department - University of Alaska



The Decline and Fall of University Research?


David Newman

Physics Dept., Geophysical Institute, UAF



The last ten years have brought major changes to the way research is done, from the conception of the idea to the fruition of the research. These changes span the range from planning and funding a project all the way through to documenting and reporting results. Some of the changes were slow and insidious while others have been relatively abrupt and obvious. The sources of the changes and, therefore the source of the problems, come from all levels, from the Federal government to the University administration and right down to the individual researchers. We will look at a few of the issues involved including: the balkanization of funding, the appropriateness of large scale goal driven research at a university, outcomes based assessment and outsourcing of many activities to ourselves. Hopefully this will lead to the discussion of possible solutions to the growing difficulties.


Friday, Nov 4, 2005
Globe Room, Elvey building
3:45 pm