The Compressor

 There are two main styles for turbine compressors: the axial and the centrifugal.

The Axial Compressor

Exploded view of an axial compressor
Axial compressor diagram
Image taken from Jet Engines

The Centrifugal Compressor

centrifugal compressor diagram
Image taken from Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology


Misc. Compressor Stuff

        HP = Cp x (T2-T1) x Wa x 1.414
Where Cp is the specific heat of air, (T2-T1) is the change in temperature across the compressor, and Wa is the airflow through the compressor in pounds /sec.
A typical example is the JT-9 used on 747's.
HP = .24 x 670(deg F) x 247(lbs/sec) x 1.414
HP = 56160 horsepower, assuming 100 percent efficiency