Submarine Uses

Naturally, as has been discussed, submarines have played a major role in our country’s navy. They make up over 2% of naval vessels. Submarines are effective in our military because they allow a stealth way to enter into enemy waters and possible attack. And because other countries have also expanded their navies to include submarines, it is an absolute must for the US to also have submarines to counteract.

Submarines are most prominent in navies; however, they are also used in other venues. In recent decades, they have become much more commonly used as a research tool as well. They allow scientists to travel deep into the see and study deep water sea life. Not long ago, the depths of the oceans were a mystery, no one had been deep enough to see what really existed beneath the surface. With submarines, however, researchers are allowed a safe way to study the deep sea, with out having to die doing so. What a concept.

Submarines have also become more popular in tourism. Mostly in warm climates, these vessels will take tourists close to the ocean floor, in a dry, safe medium. These submarines use the same concepts as those used in the navy, however, they are produced on a much smaller scale, with out some of the cool gadgets, like torpedoes.

Submarines are great tools that can be used for various different things. They are used by the navy, researchers and tourism companies to explore, and navigate areas that are not accessible with a scuba tank and a wet suit. Although I have never actually been on a submarine, I can still say without a doubt, they are cool!

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