Getting Physic-al

In the earlier days of video game design, game consoles and computer simply did not have much computing power. While there might be some physics model in a game, it was usually just gravity, which mean that when players or objects fell from a height, they would fall towards the ground. As consoles and computers have gained computing power, game designers have been able to model more and more phyics inside their games. Anywhere from how an explosion effects nearby objects, to how a a "tower of goo" holds up on a windy day. As processing power continues to rise, aspects of games will be able to more accurately model their real life counterparts. In the following pages, we take a look at a few games where phyiscs is used in rather creative ways, not simply to make the world realistic, but as a integral part of the gamepla. By choosing one of the menu choices at the top of the page, you can learn how phyics is (or can) be used in todays games.