What is a longboard?

        Quizzical Longboard
A longboard is a longer version of the more commonly known skateboard. Longboards have some implicit differences from skateboards that change their handling and what they are used for.

Because longboards are, as the name might imply, longer than they are more stable at higher speeds but are more difficult to turn than skateboards. Different sized longboards are affected b this length making boards designed for high speeds often being longer than boards designed for simple tricks.

Oftentimes the wheelbase is larger than the wheelbase on a skateboard. This causes longboards to have a wider turning radius and (depending on the deck construction) more flex in the deck.

At high speeds longboarders use a technique called sliding where they cause the wheels to break static friction with the ground and start moving sideways across the ground. This utilizes friction to slow the rider and allows the longboarder to control his/her speed.

The following story describes Spif the longboarder's experience diving headfirst down a large hill without thinking about the physics beforehand.

Silly Spif.

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