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The Physics of Golf
by Josh Fritts
UAF Phys 211

     Welcome to my webpage about the physics of golf. Through this webpage I will attempt to cover most of the major applications of physics in the sport of golf. This will include discussion of the different equipment and playing techniques used during the game, as well as other conditions such as wind/air resistance and the varying effects of different terrains. Many golf equipment companies are constantly trying to improve the different “tools” used during the game. And with the incredible rate of technology, golf equipment is constantly being taken to higher and higher levels. In fact, technology now allows golf equipment so precise and accurate, that many people believe it requires less skill to be a really exceptional golfer.
     As technology and the study of physics progresses, only newer and better equipment will be produced. This is why a line must be drawn between technology and the skills of today’s players. The exceptional skills of some players to hit that long drive, or sink that incredible putt, must not be made common place for all players by means of better technology and equipment. The United States Golf Association was developed to regulate the game of golf and ensure that this doesn’t happen. “‘The USGA's role is to make sure the new technologies don't upset the balance between skill and technology,’ he (Dick Rugge, senior technical director for the U.S. Golf Association) explained. (Newsday.com)”