Breaststroke Kick – A whip kick. With knees bent and about a fist apart, feet are pointed outward. A whipping action brings the feet around and together in symmetric formation.

Dolphin Kick – This kick mimics the motions of a dolphin, hence the name. With legs together, a swimmer pushes downward from the hips, starting a fluid motion.

Flutter Kick – With ankles relaxed, a kicking motion is started from the hips, moving each leg in opposite directions simultaneously.

Latissimus Muscle – Large muscle located on the back of the shoulder blade.

Rhythm - Movement or fluctuation marked by the regular recurrence or natural flow of related elements.

Sculling – A movement by the hands that displaces water and keep the body afloat. A tilted hand moved in the direction of the tilt, and then changing the tilt to the opposite direction and moving the hand in this new direction.

Streamline - A body position of least drag (i.e. someone stretched with arms above head and body in sleek form).

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