The Spirit of Tesla

"The spirit of Nikola Tesla continues to reach out from the past.  Experimenters and Researchers, who have made do with their own resources, have identified with the trials and travails of Nikola Tesla and his huge successes in spite of the odds against him.  His character and drive were key to his scientific achievements.  It seems to us that as a person who struggled and fought for his science and for man in general, he set a tone for responsible solutions to big problems.  Today we see his values being mimicked by many of the independent scientists we come across.  It's exiting to see what is being done on this side of the scientific spectrum, which compares with all the dreams that Nikola Tesla had for a cleaner Earth with bountiful supplies of low or no cost energy.  So then this is why we honor him by using his legacy as a beacon to those wishing to live in a better world."

-The International Tesla Institute



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