The Grand Unification Theory has sparked much speculation, many debates and has expanded many ideas. In theoretical physics, the Grand Unification Theory looks to unite and find a collective name for the fundamental forces of the universe. These forces include: strong nuclear forces, weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic forces and the gravitation force. For many years physicists have tried to postulate the theory to show all of the above forces to be some manifestation of a single or central underlying force.

Man since the beginning of time has found various ways to describe the universe around him and how it reacts to him. Through these observations he has written different physical laws to describe these. The laws have progressed into different sets of rules for different situations, they include the above outlined forces. These rules and description have worked excellently in immediate surroundings but when changing the circumstances to extreme levels, the rules no longer apply. Example, the theory of General Relativity was written to describe the gravitational forces, Quantum Theory was written to explain the others. This now creates a problem because the Theory of General Relativity does not accurately describe gravity or reality at high energy levels (the theory can't accurately describe things like the big bang). And at their roots the Theories of Quantum and General Relativity are incompatible, when they are put together they only find "garbage" answers, essentially useless numbers. To overcome this obstacle the idea of Quantum Gravity was created.

The Grand Unification theory attempts to postulate what the physical laws would have acted like at time = 0 (before the creation of the universe) or even what we would observe near a black hole. Before the massive explosion of the big bang and assumed continuing expansion of the universe through the collision of matter and anti-matter. The Grand Unification Theory attempts nearly to touch every aspect of Physics, and unite them through a common force.

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The Grand Unification Theory has been a hot topic for sometime. Even comedians like Dave Barry have "contributed" to the theory. Click Here to check it out.



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