Robotís In Todayís World


Robots are being used today in medicine. A robot can be so precise that it would be a great tool for performing surgery with. Robots can do insisions that are so clean that a person would not be able to see the cut from a distance after it healed. Doctors wouldn't have to fear of making the wrong insision or cutting too far. A robot would be programmed to cut a certain depth and place. Robots have been real helpful in researching. They have helped doctors excel in new discoveries and information.

Robots are used in industrial factories. They help weld cars and parts together. Since their percission is so accurate when it comes to welding it looks like a proffesional did it. The nice thing is that robots aren't bothered by the bright light or heat. So these machines can do more work then humans can. The only thing required is the software.

Robots are used for home entertainment and leasure. There are several home robot kits that people buy. Some kits make the robot follow a line or trace a line. Other robot kits are made so the robot can determine if it is on the table or on the floor and how far to go before it runs into the wall or off the table. These robots have light sensors and switch sensors. There are some robots that do house cleaning such as vacum the floor or serve other people. Pet robots mimic actual pets which provide people with entertainment. These pet robots can bark, roll-over, sit, and play with you.

The production and uses for robots have increased rapidly since 1970s. Robots have become more and more popular. The size of the robot has also changed. Compared to a robot made in 1970s or 80s, the robots now can be smaller and much more portable too. The way technology is accelerating there could be a robot like the one in "The Bicentenial Man".

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