Newtonian World

     To understand some of the principles in this paper you have to understand some of the language that is used in physics. One term that is used is ìin a Newtonian worldî. This refers to the fact that a lot of Newtonís principles only work if there is no friction at all. This means no air friction acting on objects and no friction form the ground on objects. This makes it so there is nothing resisting the objects as they fall or move. One example of this can be seen in figure 1. In this figure you can see that the feather and an apple are falling at exactly the same rate. But how can this be, everyone know that an apple will hit the ground before a feather but in the picture they fall at the same rate? This is because there is no friction in this picture all of the air has been sucked out of the room-causing there to be no friction. From this only one force is acting on the feather and apple and that is gravity. They both fall at 9.8 meters per second and so they both hit the ground at exactly the same time. This only happens with no friction and is usually accomplished when all the air is sucked out of a room with a compressor or other device that takes air out of a room (Holliday).