Physics Department Seminar University of Alaska Fairbanks

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What a well run long term strategic planning process looks like: the DOE Office of Fusion Energy Sciences ongoing process .... and where does fusion energy stand, an update

David Newman
Physics Dept./GI UAF



The Department of Energy's Office of Fusion Energy Science has initiated a long term strategic planning process. The first phase is coming to an end and the second phase will be starting. The first phase was a community led process which seems to have been rather successful. I will discuss the history and charge for the process as well as its structure and outcomes. This will lead into a discussion/update of where we stand on the path to fusion energy (spoiler alert, it looks better). Since it's Valentines Day we will try to make this sweet and fun as well as informative.


Friday, 14 Feb. 2020 the Valentines Day Edition

Globe Room, Elvey Building