Physics Department Seminar University of Alaska Fairbanks

J O U R N A L    C L U B


Advanced Lab Presentations

Evans Callis and Austin Cohen
Physics Department, UAF



For this journal club , a pair of undergraduates will share their experience and results from their Advanced Laboratory class. Together they perform modern physics experiments previously done by famous physicists and they learn how physicists in the real world gather data and discuss their findings from an undergraduate student perspective. The first speaker will be Evans Callis with the Compton Scattering Experiment. This experiment observes the scattering of monoenergetic gamma radiation off of free electrons and observing how the energy of the scattered gamma rays changes as a function of angle. Consideration will be given to basic principles of radiation detection and how it pertains to this experiment, and to what this experiment tells us about the nature of light. The second speaker will be Austin Cohen with the Speed of Light Experiment. This experiment uses a modified Foucault method, which involves a spinning mirror and a microscope in order to measure the speed of light. The two students were able to calculate the speed of light within 2.4% of the actual value.


Friday, 06 Dec. 2019

Elvey Aud., Elvey Building