Physics Department Seminar University of Alaska Fairbanks

J O U R N A L    C L U B


UCONN Entrepreneurial REU: Dynamic Infrared System Based On Mechanically Tunable Thermal Radiation

Wyatt Bush
Physics Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks



This will be a talk on my experiences and research as an intern at the University of Connecticut Entrepreneurial Internship Program funded by the National Science Foundation during summer 2019. The talk will follow my research with Dr. Luyi Sun into bio-inspired multi-functional stimuli responsive hybrid materials. The objective of the REU is to explore a wide scope of new stimuli such as temperature, moisture, and UV radiation in order to tailor various optical properties of the designed hybrid materials. This includes tunable optical properties such as color, patterns, and transparency changes. The internship also includes related business exploration and collaboration with industrial partners to develop products that can be commercialized. I will start with some pictures of UConn campus and a brief introduction of the REU program, the interns, and what research projects they worked on. Ending with my own research into the smart materials with future research and graduate plans in the UConn Polymer Science Program.


Friday, 27 Sept 2019

Globe Room, Elvey Building