Physics Department Seminar University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Cyberinfrastructure: Data Sharing - Now and in the Future
Karen Remick
IARC Data Center




This short talk contrasts the current way of sharing data with the NSF’s vision of future scientific research through the expansion of cyberinfrastructure. Interdisciplinary work is becoming more important and the dominant current data sharing method (knowing someone who knows someone who has data) does not allow researchers access to all relevant data and expertise. I’ll explain the NSF EarthCube vision for data sharing which addresses this issue, discuss what we need to do to realize this vision on both large and small scales, and the rewards the individual researcher can expect from participating. This talk includes how the services offered by the IARC data center help to realize NSF’s vision. A portion of this presentation is a group discussion on how NSF’s vision would impact the research of audience members; allowing the communities’ needs to help steer IARC’s cyberinfrastructure development by suggesting future services and helping to determine priorities.


Friday, 20 Jan. 2012

GI Globe Room, Elvey Building

3:45 PM