Physics Department Seminar University of Alaska Fairbanks

J O U R N A L    C L U B

Not everybody speaks math: a case for remembering what it's like to be really confused
Ness Spencer
Physics Dept, UAF

This lecture is meant for anyone who has ever said: 1) There is no stupid question. (except for the one you are asking, but I'm on university payroll and not allowed to tell you that) or 2) I would be happy if I could just think of a stupid question to ask in class-then at least I could slow down the lectures a little bit. Or 3) I'm neither of those but journal clubs generally are all right. A few notes: Audience participation will be required so if you are planning on napping, don't come. Everyone in attendance (except me, yea!) will be required to take 3 tests, so please bring a pencil or a pen. Patience with a very nervous public speaker and a good attitude will also come in handy. And to to preempt any questions: yes, I like demonstrations and will include one, but no, it will not involve, in any way, fire.

Friday, 7 Nov 2008
Globe Room, Elvey Building
3:45 PM