Physics Department Seminar University of Alaska Fairbanks

J O U R N A L    C L U B

No Coed Left Behind
Curt Szuberla
Physics Dept/GI UAF

In January 2001 Congress reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, but it was quickly dubbed No Child Left Behind, or simply NCLB. At its core, NCLB places a heavy emphasis on standardized testing as a measure of performance. Based upon the tremendous success of implementing its precepts in the nation's public schools, there is a movement afoot in the Bush administration to adapt the model to the baccalaureate level. Indeed, there are already a number of post-secondary institutions, both public and private, voluntarily using one such measure, the Collegiate Learning Assessment. For its part, UAF makes use of core assessments and program reviews as gauges of effectiveness — are standardized tests next? In this talk I will explore various pros and cons of standardized testing, and initiate a discussion about the future of accountability in the academy.

Friday, 26 October 2007
Globe Room, Elvey Building
3:45 PM