Balance is also a large part of rafting. If a raft is unbalanced it flips more easily, so equilibrium needs to be maintained. In physics there are three types of equilibrium. (Static equilibrium is defined as an object that, if left undisturbed, undergoes no translational or rotational acceleration since the sum of all the forces and the sum of all the torques acting on it are zero.) Static equilibrium does not occur while rafting.
  • Stable Equilibrium: is when the disturbed object returns to its original position.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: is when the object moves even farther from its original position.
  • Neutral Equilibrium: is when the object remains in it's new position. 
If the raft was to suddenly stop this way that would be neutral. 

There are an equal number of people on both sides of the raft and the guide is in the back. Typically the counter weight to the guide, is the gear that is place up front. This keep the center of gravity in the middle and weight is more evenly distributed.