"I cannot tell you how much more satisfaction it gives me to gain knowledge for myself and for others directly from nature, rather than merely learning from others and for myself alone."

–Heinrich Hertz


Technology has been so intimately intertwined in everyday life that we don’t think twice about it. It is natural to be able to send texts or converse with someone via cellular device. It’s natural to be able to listen to the radio while driving to school. It’s natural to be able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

But, have you ever stopped and thought about how this was all possible? How is it that two people from opposite ends of the world are able to receive electronic messages from each other so fast?

The answer begins with one person: Heinrich Hertz, the man who discovered radio waves. This discovery came to be one of great importance because it confirmed Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism and paved the way for 20th century technology.