Welcome to my web site. I tried to do it on something worth while and something that could be useful to me. The page started out being how to make my truck more efficient but ended up being how to make an electric car more efficient. Either way the page is still informative and somewhat useful. You can use the buttons to the left to move around the page and there is a button at the bottom of those pages to bring you back here. I have linked to a couple pages which contain interesting products. The Seiko page was very uninformative and useless but they do sell some cool watches and clocks. On the chevy page everyone should look at, and laugh at, the new Chevy Avalanche and how worthless it really is. When you switch from an SUV to a truck you end up with a gaping hole in the back of the cab, great for those cold winter days, or rainy days, or snowy days, anyway, worthless.